Environmental Initiatives

Through tree planting, independent 3R activities, and community cleaning, the Rentia Group takes an active part in environmental solutions.

Environmental Contribution Activities

60th Anniversary Tree Planting

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Rentia Group planted trees in Hinoharamura, Nishitama, Tokyo. This was to support the project of creating a beautiful forest in Tokyo over the course of 30 years. We started this project as an initiative to pass down environmental activities to the next generation of our group.

Participation in tree-planting activity
at the former dump "Umi no Mori"

Carried out by the Environment Committee with the purpose of educating our employees about environmental awareness, the Rentia Group takes part in environmental activities. In 2014, we recruited volunteers and participated in the Ocean Forest tree planting event held by Tokyo Metropolitan Government on November 14th. We look to actively promote corporate activities friendly to the environment and people in the future.

Independent 3R Activities

At the Rentia Group, we have an independent 3R policy in place. With the long-term use of rental products as a prerequisite, we pursue a balance of strength and weight reduction and a reduction in the number of parts. Along with refining our maintenance technology in order to re-use products efficiently, we have accelerated product recycling at our group recycle shop. We aim to conserve resources and reduce the burden on the environment.

Environmental Management

Eco Action 21

Eco Action 21

At the Rentia Group, where we aim to become an environmentally innovative company, we acted immediately to acquire Eco Action 21 certification. In December of 2008, after the Kanto Area Center was certified, the entire group acquired certification, and we are taking dynamic action.

Environmental Education

When the realization of a recycling society is desired on a global scale, broad knowledge of the environment is required. At the Rentia Group, we encourage our employees to take the Eco Test/3R Test and provide aid.