Initiatives for Governance

The Rentia Group in time of disaster, acts to ensure proper governance through risk management initiatives, such as business continuity planning and strengthening information security.

Risk Management

The Rentia Group strives to prevent the risks surrounding our business, making our utmost effort to minimize the effect that may occur on stakeholders during an emergency situation. With this intention, we carry out risk the management process for the continuity of our business.

Business Continuity Plan in Case of a Disaster

Recogninzing that various natural and man-made disasters may occur, we have formulate a Disaster Prevention Countermeasure Regulations and a Disaster Prevention Countermeasure Manual. Furthermore, our BCP (Business Continuity Planning) protects stakeholders (employees, cooperating companies, business partners), evades asset losses by group companies, and meets the requirements of clients to continue the business. In this way, we fulfill our social responsibility.

Strengthening Information Security

For the maintenance and improvement of information security, we have developed an Information Security Manual and acquired the international ISMS standard of ISO27001 to protect information assets appropriately and safely. Furthermore, we have developed the 16 Information Security Countermeasures and through educational activities for our employees. we are working towards the strengthening of our information management system.

Protection of Personal Information

To live up to the expectations of those who have provided us with their personal information, we recognize that appropriate management and protection of information is an important responsibility, and based on our Personal Information Protection Policy, we strive to provide an appropriate management system and the protection of personal information.