Initiatives for Society

At the Rentia Group we actively contribute to society through our regional activities such as sponsored volunteer (work/program), academic-industrial collaboration with universities and donation of rental equipment.

Social Contribution Activities

Sponsorship of the Tokyo Marathon

Since 2007, the first year of the Tokyo Marathon, we have supported the event by providing rental equipment, and we have been a supporting sponsor since 2008.

Sponsorship of the Kumamoto Castle Marathon

We operate and support the entire venue, providing various equipment, managing the course of the marathon from start to finish, so that the runners and fans can enjoy the event safely and comfortably.

Sponsorship of Sagasakura Marathon

At this event, Koyou Rentia procures and operates various equipment and manages the venue, providing total support for the event.

Support of Oita Trinita

The Rentia Group supports the activities of Oita Trinita, a J. League football team.

Sponsorship of Sports Camps for Children

In pursuit of the healthy growth of the children(community), the Rentia Group sponsors sports camps, where children are able to interact with top athletes, and participate to initiatives for nurturing a healthy mind and body through the practice of sports.

Regional Contribution

1-Day Ski Class to Interact with Kentaro Minagawa

In support of the children who suffered from the Tohoku disaster, we planned (organized) a 1-day ski class to Interact with the alpine skier Kentaro Minagawa, whom the Rentia Group has supported since 2005, and with the cooperation of Miyagi Kanko Co., Ltd. and SAJ Miyagi Zao Ski Class, we were able to realize this event. We were blessed with good weather, and the children who participated had a great time skiing.

■Date: March 20, 2012 (Tue/Holiday) 10:00-15:30
■Venue: Miyagi Zao Eboshi Ski Resort
■Participants: 39 elementary school children (first and second graders) of Yamamotocho, Miyagi
■Sponsor: Miyagi Zao Kanko Co., Ltd. / SAJ Miyagi Zao Ski Class

Volunteer Activities / Great East Japan Earthquake

After the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, the Rentia Group formed a Disaster Support Team and dispatched 22 employees to the Northern Tsunami Disaster Volunteer Center in the Sendai district of Miyagi.

Volunteer Activities / Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake

After the 2004 Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake, the Rentia Group formed a Disaster Support Team and dispatched 70 employees to the Ojiya district for humanitarian support. We also donated our employees’ voluntary contributions to the Ojiya City Office.

Academic-Industrial Collaboration

Academic-Industrial Collaboration with Universities

The Rentia Group participated in the Business Planning Contest held by Meiji University Graduate School’s Global Business Research Department. We take an active part in academic-industrial collaboration activities as part of the CSR.

Internship with special support schools of Chiba

At the Koyou Logi-X Kanto Area Center (Shiroi, Chiba), we have been implementing internship programs for students from special support schools within Chiba Prefecture since 2011. We will continue to promote this as part of our regional contribution activities.

Donation Activities

Donation of Reusable Equipment (Hachioji, Tokyo)

Through move out and cleaning services, Koyou Rentia has donated reusable furniture and equipment acquired from the customers transfer to the city of Hachioji and the Hachioji Civic Activity Support Center. We are working towards the realization of a recycling society.

Donation of Rental Equipment

To support the disaster region affected by the heavy rain in Amami-oshima of Kagoshima in October 2010, the Rentia Group donated 689 items of its rental equipment to Amami-shi. This social contribution directly correlates with our main business.