Quality Policy of the Rentia Group

Every company of Rentia Group makes a company-wide concerted effort to offer better products and services in compliance with the company principle—Put the Customers First—as defined in the Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

  1. Every employee will be aware of the role and responsibility as determined by the corporate mission and will contribute to society by developing the company business based on the principle: Put the Customers First.
  2. Every employee will offer products and services that meet the expectations of customers and the requirements of laws and regulations.
  3. Every employee will continuously improve the adequacy, appropriateness, and efficiency of the quality management system in consideration of whether the requirements of our customers are met or not.

Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification


We acquired the international standard ISO 9001 certification for the following corporations: (1) Koyou Rentia Co., Ltd., (2) Koyou Logi-X Co., Ltd., (3) Koyou Innotex Co., Ltd., (4) ONE Designs Co., Ltd., (5) Koyou Bussan Co., Ltd., and (6) Koyou Service Co., Ltd. We have been working to contribute to society by improving customer satisfaction.

Certificate Accessing Number JQA-QM8677Registration Certificate
ISO Certification Body A general incorporated foundation, the Japan Quality Assurance (JGA) Organization