Personal Information Protection Policy

The Rentia Group (Koyou Rentia Co., Ltd., Koyou Logi-X Co., Ltd., Koyou Innotex Co., Ltd., ONE Designs Co., Ltd., Koyou Bussan Co., Ltd., Koyou Service Co., Ltd.) utilizes personal information solely for the purpose of providing the best service possible and satisfying customers. To live up to the expectations of those who provide us with their personal information, we recognize that appropriate management and protection of personal information is an important responsibility, and we strive to provide an appropriate management system and the protection of personal information.

  1. We comply with laws related to the protection of personal information and internal regulations such as Information Security Management Regulations, Personal Information Protection Regulations, Specified Personal Information Handling Regulations, and Computer Use Regulations.
  2. Personal information will be used solely in the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes of use.
    (1) Contract fulfillment for sale/rental of production, construction, design, transfer/scrap, delivery, and construction of communication infrastructure/LAN environment, and implementation of related After-sale service.
    (2) Notification of information related to new products/services.
    (3) Procedures related to employment and personnel/labor management.
  3. Personal information acquired by each of the companies of the Rentia Group will be used solely at each of the group companies and business entrustment destinations for business processing, and will be within the scope of the purpose of use. Furthermore, information will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without the prior consent of the person in question.
  4. When entrusting the processing of personal information externally, we ensure a contractual obligation with the contractor to manage such information approriately and prevent leaks and re-provision.
  5. In order to secure the authenticity and the safety of personal information, we work to maintain it up to date and accurate. We take the appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.
  6. If the disclosure, revision, stoppage of use or deletion of personal information is requested by the data subject, we will respond accordingly.
  7. We established a management system for the protection of personal information and will strive to continue to improve of our work.

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