About Information Security

Information Security Policy

In our information society, information security management is essential for a company.
Since its founding, the Rentia Group has consistently operated its business based on customer trust.
Our core principle is the benefitted triad.
What always links the three parties of the company, the customer, and society is information, and what gains the trust of customers is information management. This is where the bond with customers is created.
The company considers information security management one of its most important strategies and looks to continue business by educating each and every employee about the importance of information management.


  1. The information assets provided by the customer and information assets of our own company will be managed and employed safely and appropriately.
  2. We clarify the requirements related to information security interests, make countermeasures and continually improve.
  3. In the unlikely event that a problem involving information security occurs, we prevent further damage, investigate the cause immediately, and strive to prevent any recurrence.
  4. Those who violate the regulations, laws, and contracts related to information security policy will be reprimanded pursuant to Work Regulations.

About the Acquisition of ISO27001 Certification


With Koyou Rentia Co, Ltd., Koyou Logi-X Co., Ltd., Koyou Innotex Col, Ltd., ONE Designs Co., Ltd., Koyou Bussan Co., Ltd., and Koyou Service Co., Ltd. as the scope of certification, we acquired the international ISMS standard of SO/IEC27001. To protect information assets appropriately and safely, we strive for the continual improvement of information security.

Certification Registration No. JQA-IM1170Registration Certificate
Certification Registration Institution JAPAN QUALITY ASSURANCE ORGANIZATION (JQA)

Initiatives for Internal Education

To deepen the awareness of need for information security among employees, we carry out various initiatives.

Distributing Information Security Magazines

Utilizing the internal intranet, we periodically disseminate information related to information security.

Creation of the 20 Information Security Countermeasures

The items of which employees should daily be aware regarding information security are posted at the office, along with the handbook distributed to the employees.