Koyou RentiaKoyou Rentia



1957 Koyou Bussan Co., Ltd. is established.
1968 Koyou Bussan starts a rental service for construction sites.
1970 Koyou Lease Co., Ltd is established. (Spun off from the Koyou Bussan Rental Department.)
1980 A new building of the Koyou Group is constructed in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
1989 Data management systems are unified into an office computer.
1996 Rental service for real estate sales centers starts.
1999 Recycle shop business of office equipment, electric appliances, furniture, etc. starts. (Nationwide expansion of recycle shops “ReSTA”)
2000 General rental service for events starts.
2003 The introduction of a internal core system completes a nationwide information network.
2005 Koyou Logi-X Co., Ltd. is established.
(The logistics department spins off from Koyou Lease.)
2006 Koyou Innotex Co., Ltd. is established.
(The IT and repair service department spins off from Koyou Lease.) Rental service for corporations starts.
2007 Rental service for agencies starts.
Facility management service starts.
2008 ReSTA Co., Ltd. is established.
(The recycle shop department spins off from Koyou Lease.)
2010 Smart rental system service starts.
2013 Rental office and tenant brokerage service starts.
2014 ONE Designs Co., Ltd. is established.
(Milan, Koyou Lease (Interior department) and interior business of Work Station are unified.) Koyou Lease increases its capital to 90 million yen.
2015 Rental service for women working at construction sites starts.
2016 The name of Koyou Lease Co., Ltd. is changed to Koyou Rentia Co., Ltd. The head office is moved to Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.