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Privacy Policy
  • We use your personal information submitted to us for the following purposes.
    1. (1)Sale, rental and/or delivery of commodities and relevant after service.
    2. (2)Notification of information on new commodities and services to you.
    3. (3)Confirmation of and response to the content of your inquiry.
  • Koyou Rentia Co., Ltd. will properly store and manage your personal information submitted, following the privacy policy of the Koyou Group.
  • If you wish to reveal, modify, add, delete and/or terminate the use of your personal information, please contact the following office.
Privacy Policy Office
For inquiring about the handling of personal information or about your personal data we keep,
please contact the following office.

Quality Management Office, Koyou Rentia Co., Ltd.
Phone:03-5931-4209 FAX: 03-5931-4201
Open 9:00 ~ 17:00 (except Sat, Sun and holidays)