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ASKUL is a system of delivering items ordered by FAX or Internet, among a wide variety of office items as well as other goods, within one day.
Koyou Rentia offers its service as an official ASKUL dealer.
We support customers’ business through the ASKUL service.


  • Office supplies
    Office supplies

    Various file folders, adhesive tapes, tags, writing utensils, copy paper, etc.

  • Household goods
    Household goods

    Drinks, foods, cleaning tools, rest room items, etc.

  • Work tools
    Work tools

    Carts, tools, work gloves, strings, packing materials, measuring tools, etc.

  • Medical and care goods
    Medical and care goods

    Various goods for nursing homes and home-visit care. We also offer medical apparatuses, such as thermometers and blood-pressure gauges.

  • Fast printing service
    Fast printing service

    Printing of business cards and brochures and production of stamps.