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IT Solution Service

The strengthening of IT infrastructure directly influeces the comfort of office environment and the work efficiency.
A comfortable and stable infrastructure is indispensible for a smooth management of the organization.
In addition to the rental of IT equipment, we offer total solutions for improving the office environment,
cooperating with Koyou Innotex, our group company, as a team.


  • PC

    In addition to renting out PC devices, we also kit them for the customer’s request.

  • iPad

    We propose a flexible use of iPad, depending on the customer’s purpose.

  • Monitoring camera
    Monitoring camera

    We offer monitoring camera services which are convenient and low cost for crime prevention.

  • File server
    File server

    We offer file servers for safely and securely protecting PC data files.

  • Drone

    Not only renting out drones, we provide special operators and help in applying for flight permissions.

  • WiFi rooter
    WiFi rooter

    We rent out network devices and support their maintenance after installation.

  • Electronic blackboard
    Electronic blackboard

    We propose new forms of conference such as Web conferences.