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Rental of Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems are installed normally in view of using them for a long term of more than 10 years.
Rental service of solar power systems makes it possible to use them more handily. We offer rental solar power systems as a practice of customers’ ecology,
as independent power sources in areas without electricity or remoted areas, or as clean power sources for short-term events.


  • Solar power system
    Solar power system

    We offer various solar power systems suitable for customers’ needs.

  • Solar power-related components
    Solar power-related components

    Rental of single components of solar power systems, such as solar panels and power conditioners.

  • Pico-solar Rental Series
    Pico-solar Rental Series

    Package-type rental sets for various specific uses.

  • Personal energy
    Personal energy

    Off-grid devices using solar panels as the power source without using power conditioners.

  • Industrial off-grid system
    Industrial off-grid system

    Next-generation self-consumption solar power systems contributing to BCP, energy saving and global warming mitigation.

  • Smart infrastructure equipment
    Smart infrastructure equipment

    We rent our smart infrastructure equipment, such as solar street lamps and EV chargers.

  • Rechargeable batteries
    Rechargeable batteries

    Rechargeable batteries as power sources to be used in places where generators or fuel cannot be used.

  • Sale of Reconditioned Solar Panels
    Sale of Reconditioned Solar Panels

    Used solar panels which have passed a power output test and an electroluminescence test.