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About Us

As a Frontier Runner of Rental Service
Koyou Rentia was established in 1970. Ever since we started the rental service of equipment for construction offices, we have pioneered various markets, such as real estate brokerage centers, the opening and expansion of offices and various events. We are “the Frontier Runner of General Equipment Rental Service.” We have brought creation and revolution into rental business: the develpment of new services as well as the quick offering of services combining ICT and ecology.
“Rentia-ism” as the Foundation of Evolotion
We have expanded our business area through “compass management,” whose pivot is the rental service. From there, we have spun off separate companies which serve as pivots of new business, such as spatial designing and ICT business, for further expanding the market. We have also started facility management business, which supports even customers’ CSR activities by offering services with carbon offset realizing the visualization of CO2 for the first time in the industry, environmental business focusing on solar power systems and “Nadeshiko Rental” for supporting women working at construction sites. Rentia-ism is “to pursue creation” continuously with a challenging spirit.

Connecting “Things” with “Action” As sharing economy is attracting attention, we are living in an age in which people ask for “action” more than just “things.” We offer “time, space and environment” which lie between “things” and “action” and hope to support the creation of the value of “action” with “the power of rental service”: in particular, time optimization using IC tags, spatial production and the offering of environments (situations/opportunities). Combining our experiences with next-generation ideas, we connect “things” with “action.”