Koyou RentiaKoyou Rentia


Corporate Brand

Rental + Frontier = Koyou Rentia
Koyou Rentia continues to create new values as a pioneer.

LinkageOur wish behind the corporate mark

The keyword of the design is “linkage.”
Even after we changed our company name, we have kept our desire, ever since our establishment, to value “our linkage with the customers.” We have expressed our such desire by linking our customers (YOU) and us (i) with dots.
The dots also carry the idea of pursuing a sustainable society through the circulation of things in rental services and the exchange of feelings.

Corporate SloganCreative Rental Company

“Creative” means having the ability to create things.
We have always wished to be a company to offer new values not only by simply renting out things but also by “creating customers” and “creating businesses” and to contribute to the society through the business. The word “Creative Rental Company” reflects such wish of ours.

Philosophy of Koyou Group

Company Philosophy We, united as one, create customers, try to develop and improve our business and contribute to the society.We pursue to be a company which is judged by customers to be valuable. Management Philosophy 'Philosophy of a benefitted triad' Benefitted seller Bnefitted buyer Benefitted society