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President Message

We Continue to Change to Remain the Same.
Koyou Rentia continues to evolve into “a centennial company.”

We are now experiencing the expansion of sharing economy,
which leads to the realization of the recycling society and the formation of the sustainable society,
and the accelerating expansion of commodities and services helped by ICT development.
Through our core competent business of rental service,
we have endeavored to adopt such up-to-date ideas and technologies and created many commodities,
services and markets. Since our establishment in 1970, we have been supported by many customers and are progressing toward the 50th anniversay in 2020,
the year of Tokyo Olympics. We are very grateful for it.
We are now advancing to a new stage under the slogan of “Next Stage 2020,”
a new medium-term management plan, aiming to be “a centennial company.”
One of the projects is the develpment of an IoT system called “iCS (Interactive Connection System).”
This is a system developed from our desire to propose solutions with unique functions and high added value in view of 3 elements,
“time, space and environment,” in areas among the trend and social changes “from supplying and purchasing ‘things’ to pursuing enjoying ‘action’.”
Please look forward to our further evolution “to continue to change to remain the same” as “a Creative Rental Company” to help customers to realize various “actions” with such “power of rental service for the next generation” and to remain necessary for them.

We consider the coming 3 years till 2020 to be the period of second inauguration,
a new stage toward “a centennial company.”
For this, we have developed “a new medium-term management plan” and held up a slogan “Next Stage 2020” (NS20).
NS20 has 3 main objective pillars: 1,
the realization of high profit objective ever; 2,
the establishment of diversity management, called “the Rentia Work Style,”
which accepts diverse work styles and human resources; 3,
independent self-supportive management. To achieve these objectives, we will work on the spreading of the brand “Creative Rental Company – Koyou Rentia,”
a further expansion of new services using ICT,
the initiation of IoT management and the accelerated development of new services in cooperation with various partner companies under the idea of open innovation,
as well as the strengthening of internal control and the development of a system of information disclosure.

Our past slogan “from the age of buying ‘things’ to the age of buying ‘functions'” is now changing to “from ‘things’ to ‘action’ (functions and solutions).”
To remain to be a necessary existence for the customers and the society,
we will continue to pursue innovation and creation to offer superior “action.”
Please look forward to our evolution “to continue to change to remain the same.”

Koji Umeki, President

Koyou Rentia